The VR2Planets adventure starts at the ” Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique ” in France, at the Nantes University, by the will of two of their researchers in order to improve the scientific knowledge diffusion and, in particular, the retransmission of imagery data acquired by the space exploration probes.

The new technology of virtual reality offers a fantastic tool to work on the complex available data. Therefore, they could visualize in three dimensions the studied lands and cope with a higher data volume.

These technologies make possible a great improvement of analysis and understanding of the information which become the basis for a new exchange quality with their colleagues and the general public.

Award of the EUROPLANET 2016 prize : ” Public Engagement with Planetary Science “, remitted upon the DPS-EPSC International Congress in Pasadena, USA.

VR2Planets - Stéphane Le-Mouélic and François Civet receiving the Europlanet 2016 price at the DSP48 : EPSC11 meeting in 2016


vr2Planets - François Civet - Lionel Clarke - Kevin Costard on the CNES stand at the Paris Air Show in 2017

François CIVET CEO  Lionel CLARKE VR Engineer  &  Kevin COSTARD VR Engineer

Supported by the large interest generated by their research, François Civet, at that time researcher in planetary electromagnetism at the CNRS (LPG – Nantes) creates VR2Planets in October 2016 and engages specialists in 3D modeling and in algorithm optimization. Together, they optimize to the highest level the data studies. Franck Marchis has joined the team as a Senior Research Scientist ans Science Council Chair.

The start-up company offers high level services for complex datasets processing and cooperates since its creation with the French space agency CNES, the CNRS and internationally recognized scientific laboratories, such as CEA, IRAP, IPGP, LAM, FIMOC, among others.

The Bourget International Air Show 2017 : The VR2Planets’ team demonstrates a virtual reality application at the CNES pavilion and takes the numerous visitors on Mars.