5th April 2018 VR2Planets

VR2Planets invited by NASA

30 days to go

This May 5th, 2018 will mark the history of space exploration by the launch of a new robot to Mars, the lander InSight. VR2Planets is invited in California to present the VR2Mars application during the event.

Noticed by the teams of NASA during the last annual convention of American Geophysical Union 2017, VR2Planets has been chosen to take part, at their sides, in the promotion of Martian exploration and the underscoring of InSight lander. In prolog of the launch, the American space agency has organized several exhibitions and has invited VR2Planets to present its expertise on the campus of Allan Hancock College, in Santa Maria, on the 3rd and 4th of May.

VR2Mars: interact with InSight

international scientific teams, officials and spectators of the event to anticipate the arrival of the lander and find it in action on Mars. The virtual reality applicationVR2Mars recreates the conditions of landing of the lander, the deployment of the instruments and its ordered actions. It allows the user to observe it as closely as possible, to interact with it and also with a geophysical model of the planet Mars, illustrating the seismic wave propagation. He is immersed in the real images of planet, received by probes in orbit and on the ground, and modelled in 3D.

The InSight probe is the first geophysical station conceived to allow the study of the structure and the internal composition of the planet Mars. It will take off on May 5th (1st day of the launch window) from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California, located a few miles from the campus of the Allan Hancock College.