19th June 2017 VR2Planets

It’s happening. The International Paris Air Show (Le Bourget) has just started this morning and we have some good news to share! The French president Emmanuel Macron and the famous astronaut of the mission Proxima, Thomas Pesquet visited us at our booth! And that’s not all…

Official poster of the International Paris Air Show SIAE 2017

Official poster The International Paris Air Show (Le Bourget) 2017.

We are very proud to have a presence at the International Paris Air Show (Le Bourget), a well-known aerospace tradeshow, to present our recent application named VR2Mars. This application, made for geophysicists and education partners, allows a user to travel on the surface of Mars to better understand the achievements of the NASA Curiosity rover which is visiting the Red Planet.

Emmanuel Macron and Thomas Pesquet at the International Paris Air Show SIAE 2017

French president, Emmanuel Macron and astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, at the CNES booth during the International Paris Air Show (Le Bourget).

Our booth is hosted at the Centre national d’Etude Spatiale (CNES) in the shadow of the Ariane 5 rocket. It’s very easy to find us! That’s probably what caught the eye of the president and his astronaut. They saw our set up and they visited Mars using our application using a Virtual Reality headset. “They were very excited by the demo, and the president congratulated us for the quality of our application, VR2Mars. Thomas Pesquet noticed the Cave 3D at the booth and promised to come back” said Francois Civet, CEO of VR2Planets.

Claudie Haigneré testing the VR2Mars application on the CNES pavilion at the Paris Air Show SIAE 2017

Claudie Haigneré testing our application VR2Mars with a virtual reality helmet during the International Paris Air Show 2017.

We were privileged to receive Claudie Haigneré, renowned scientist, astronaut and politician, presently ambassador and advisor of the president of the European Space Agency (ESA).. We discussed our work and she was extremely enthusiastic about the potential of the application. She quickly understood how this technology could be used in the future to train astronauts.

This first morning was an intense experience and we look forward to seeing you soon at our booth on the CNES pavilion.

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