1st November 2017 VR2Planets

the Utopiales, a long term relationship!


A mutual trust relationship is set between VR2Planets and Roland Lehoucq, Astrophysicist and the Festival President, thanks to a long term cooperation between the Nantes University teams and the CEA in Saclay (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).«Our ambition strongly sustained is to offer to the Utopiales’ public a breathtaking panorama of the possibitities explored by science fiction and actual science», as quoted by Roland Lehoucq.

VR2Planets, motivated by the same sharing desire, has come to present its scientific vulgarization for the third consecutive years. The spatial conquest is its driving force and the start-up is fond-of joining efforts.

To help the greatest attendance in a pleasant approach, it proposes two different ways for a complete immersion on the red planet, thanks to the virtual reality. The first, on an individual mode through the HTC VIVE helmet and the second in the groupe mode through the CAVE in a dedicated immersion room.

International Festival Les Utopiales 2017, 1 to 6 november, La Cité des Congrès, Nantes