12th June 2020 VR2Planets

InSight-VR on Mars

Immersion at the heart of the InSight mission

“Listen to the beating heart of Mars!”


Here it is! The VR application created for CNES dedicated to InSight mission, showing a homemade 3D model of the lander and a huge work photogrammetry on real images :


The application developed by VR2Planets for SISMOC (SeIS on Mars Operation Center : the InSight mission center of CNES* based in Toulouse) presents in a new way the working environment of the Mars probe.

InSight-VR invites to relive the adventures of the lander since its landing on Mars on November 26, 2018, as well as the seismic exploration of the mission’s main instrument: SEIS (Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure).

Ambassador of SISMOC, this immersive experience allows to discover:

  • A 3D model of the lander Insight in very high fidelity
  • The landing site reconstructed from the real data by photogrammetric method on more than 200m² around the probe
  • The deployment process of the French instrument SEIS, the seismometer
  • The interior of SEIS
  • A simulation of seismic wave propagation on the surface of Mars compared to the real data recorded by the seismometer

*”SIMOC analyses telemetry from Mars and sends telecommands to SEIS throughout the mission. SISMOC will relay seismic data for analysis to IPGP, which will then distribute them to scientists around the world.“

CNES – Centre national des études spatiales

Agence spatiale française

Probe InSight in virtual reality