20th February 2020 VR2Planets


A new opportunity
to share immersive experiences:

From 23 to 26 March 2020

80th Congress of the
German Geophysical Society

Ludwig-Maximilians University

– Theresienstraße Campus –

Invited to Munich by the Leibniz Rechenzentrum (LRZ – Leibniz Supercomputing Centre) to participate alongside them in the DGG 2020, the Congress of the German Geophysical Society, VR2Planets will present its latest virtual reality applications at the Ludwig-Maximilians University. The aim of this cooperation is to highlight the benefits of using virtual reality and 3D tools in the exploitation of imagery data (satellite, topographic, drone and surface data) and the gains generated by the choice of these tools.

Organized by Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München – LMU, the Munich University, the congress covers the whole geophysical spectrum and will particularly highlight 4 main topics :

The simulation of geophysical process is today at the heart of the scientific workflow. In many research areas the required computational resources are enormous and can only be achieved by making use if parallel algorithms. (…)

Speaker: Men Andrin Meier (CalTech)
Convener: Alice Gabriel (LMU), Lion Krischer (ETH), Michael Bader (TUM)

Long time-series of terrestrial signals from strain (motion/deformation), gravity, magnetism, temperature, chemistry, etc. lend insight into the workings of all of Earth’s envelopes from the core to the atmosphere and beyond (…)

Speaker: Hermann Lühr (GFZ)
Convener: Stuart Gilder (LMU), Nina Kukowski, Roland Pail (TUM), Thomas Klügel (BKG)

In many regions geothermal plants are an essential ingredient to a sustaniable energy suppliance. Despite intensive research there are still man open questions (…)

Speaker: Geoffrey Giudetti (ENEL)
Conveners: T. Megies (LMU), T. Braun, M. Keim

Geophysics plays a central important role in the observation, understanding, prediction, and early warning of many natural hazard systems (earthquakes, volcanoes, space weather, rock slides)(. . . )

Speaker: Yuri Shprits (GFZ)
Convener: Elena Kronberg (LMU), Martin Käser (MunichRe), Torsten Dahm (GFZ), Ulrich Küppers (LMU), Mattthias Hort (HH)

For more information, you can visit the websites of the event organizers:

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