7th November 2017 VR2Planets

2 500 festival-goers sent to space

The Martian getaway

We were all keen to offer an unforgettable journey on Mars and we are all satisfied to have achieved this challenge : over 5 days, more than 2 500 people came to test our VR2Mars application, during the Utopiales festival in Nantes.

Our visitors left with stars shining in the eyes and a new link with this so remote planet, now a little more familiar to them.

For Roland Lehoucq, the Festival President, the start-up succeeded in seducing the public: « Vr2Planets is a fabulous pedagogic tool which makes possible the planet Mars discovery while understanding the incredible possibilities offered by modern technologies. Fond of science fiction but also curious on sciences and technology, the Utopiales’ public has, once again, been seduced by VR2Planets’ presence. »

All the staff is rewarded of its participation: « We are so happy of the success of our application, the virtual reality wins the favor of audiences! Enthousiasm is ever growing! », and explain the VR2Planets’ CEO, François Civet: « This is always a great pleasure to present the space exploration data, seing children and adults admiring a more and more accessible planet is an incredible help for our motivation. »

This mission was also a success thanks to the support of the Planetology and Geodynamic lab of Nantes (LPG-Nantes) teams and the Astronomical Society of Nantes members (SAN), present to help us to answer this ever growing request.